Rider Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a ride?

  • Open the TT RideShare app
  • Enter your pickup destination in the “Enter Pickup Location” box. The app may also use your phone’s GPS to automatically prefill your pick up location
  • Enter you desired destination in the “Enter Destination” box.
  • Press the red circle with the car in it.
  • Your driver will be on his way

What is your fare?

  • Our fare structure is as follows:
    • Base fare: $12.00 TTD
    • Per KM: $1.50 TTD
    • Per Min: $1.00 TTD
    • Minimum fare: $25.00 TTD

Can I pay with Credit Card?

At present we are only accepting cash trips. We will be introducing credit card payments in the future.

What areas of Trinidad can I get a ride?

You will be able to get a ride from any location in Trinidad once there are drivers online in that particular area.

Can I book a trip with multiple stops?

At present this feature is not available but we will be implementing it at a later date.

Can I request a specific driver?

Our system cannot match you to a specific driver. Once your request is sent, the system pairs you with the closest driver.

Is my driver’s ETA accurate?

Our platform uses data from Google Maps to give an estimated time of arrival for your driver. However, this time may not always be accurate. To get a more accurate arrival time, it’s best to contact your driver via a phone call or our in app messenger.

Why is it mandatory to rate my driver at the end of a trip?

Feedback is valuable to our platform. We are constantly monitoring feedback on our drivers in order to provide you with the best service.

Is tipping mandatory?

Tipping is not mandatory but it is certainly not frowned upon. If you believe your driver deserves a tip, feel free to tip him/her.

How do I receive support from TT RideShare?

You can contact us via:

What is emergency mode?

Safety is our top priority. You can enable emergency mode in the application if you ever feel unsafe during a trip, activating Emergency Mode will automatically share your trip to your pre-defined emergency contacts. Emergency mode also allows you to call an emergency contact or call the police in just a few clicks. Our system is already programmed to the local police emergency number (999).