Rider App Security Update #2

As you know over the past couple of weeks, TT RideShare has taken a decision to restrict service in the East Port of Spain area. This had become necessary in light of growing criminal activities of which, unfortunately, several of our drivers had fallen victim. We are sure you can appreciate the need for such action to be taken, as at that time, prioritisation of the safety of our drivers and riders was uppermost in our minds.

Many of you have provided feedback on this decision, reassuring us that not only are we providing a much-needed service but also highlighting the negative effect it has had on many of you who traverse the East Port of Spain area. To this end, after careful consideration and discussion with our stakeholders, also taking into account the feedback provided, we will be making certain adjustments.

The East Port of Spain area will still be open to limited service by TT RideShare. We have reversed the pickup/drop off zones, now facilitating service to Belmont Circular Road.

Safety is still very much key to us as we continue to make moves to do what we can to secure the safety of life and property of our riders and our drives. The rider verification initiative is one that will greatly assist us in this and once again we urge all our valued riders to please complete this as soon as you can. We assure you of the confidentiality of your information and the safe keeping of all documents uploaded to the app. Come September 2019, you will need to be a verified rider in order to continue enjoying the TT RideShare service.

You matter to us! As a business, we listened to the feedback from every sector affected by decisions we make and constantly strive to find a happy medium where, as many persons as possible can benefit. We eagerly anticipate reopening the East Port of Spain area to full service once the rider verification process is complete.

Thank you for your continued understanding and trust as we continue to take you safely to your destinations.

Please review the below map for greater clarity.



Verification of your rider profile is easy.  Follow these three simples guides to verify your account today!

  1. Upload a valid form of identification along with a picture to the app
  2. Ensure the email address used is valid and you clicked the confirmation link emailed to you
  3. Ensure that the name used on your account matches the name on your ID

See the video below on how simple it is to get verified rider status.


As our mandatory Rider Verification is enforced in September, the East Port of Spain area will be reopened for full TT RideShare service.

It has become necessary to implement these changes as we attempt to deter criminal activities and protect you our valued stakeholder! We thank you for your continued understanding, co-operation and trust that you place in us for being your premium ride sharing service.

Happy to help.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the TT RideShare Support Team via the in-app live chat or

TT RideShare

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