Driver Payment – FAQs

How much commission does TT RideShare take?

  • TT RideShare takes 20% commission from each transaction

How do I know how much commission I owe?

  • Open the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner
Hamburger Menu
  • Select Wallet
  • “Current Balance” states commission owed. If this number is in the positive, then you do not owe

What is the maximum commission that can be owed to TT RideShare?

  • The maximum commission that can be owed to TT RideShare is $500. If you happen to cross this, requests for rides will no longer be sent to you account until a payment is made

How long before I make a payment?

  • Ideally, a payment can be made at anytime, but in the event a payment is not made, you will have three business days after the week to make a payment. Example as follows:
    • The week runs from Sunday – Saturday
    • For the week Sunday September 9th – Saturday September 15th, you earn $100; you will now be owing $20 in commissions
    • You will have until Wednesday September 19th to pay what you are owing in it’s entirety

What happens if I don’t pay within three business days?

  • Failure to pay will result in your account being deactivated until a payment Is made