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Rider App Security Update #2

As you know over the past couple of weeks, TT RideShare has taken a decision to restrict service in the East Port of Spain area. This had become necessary in light of growing criminal activities of which, unfortunately, several of our drivers had fallen victim. We are sure you can

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Rider App Security Update

If we were asked, ‘What’s the one thing you’re not willing to compromise at TT RideShare?’- our answer without hesitation would be safety! The safety of our drivers and our riders is paramount and supercedes any financial or marketing benefit we could derive. In light of recent events in which our

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Rider Verification

Great news for the TT RideShare family. Effective July 16th 2019 we will be introducing an update to the security features of our app. Now, riders are invited to upload a profile picture, full name, valid email and a valid form of photo identification directly to the app. This information

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