About Us

Technologically driven to be the premier solution for the movement of persons and products regionally, through unbeatable and sustainable ride- share and marketplace services.

To make use of technology in order to provide a seamless and sought-after ride-share solution to both our internal and external customers. To maintain a customer focus, taking the hassle and the stress out of everyday commute by providing a safe, affordable and efficient service.

Driver Commitment
We promise to provide the technology and the support needed to empower you to be your own boss, deciding on when and how often you drive. Let us take you places. Through our software, we take the guesswork and hassle out of securing your fare. We will always seek to apply technological advancements to the current process in order that the driver is fully equipped to operate in the given climate.

Rider Commitment
We promise to deliver a safe, efficient and affordable commute solution through the inspired use of technology. Our app makes connecting with a verified driver seamless and our in-chat support makes connecting with the TT RideShare team easy. We will continue to use technological advancements to support the growing needs of the travelling public. For every destination in life, we will connect you to a reliable driver in minutes. Let us take you there